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room name typo, should be *maintenance


thank you

hey guys join my jam in 19 hours i really want you to join


It's a great adventure game.

Got hit by the train into the save point, clicked save, now soft locked as the save loads me with zero HP. I will never see the end of the game, was the monster a coconut crab?

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Oh no it was far worse  I apologize for the bug.

This game is awesome <3 Awesome job <3



Haha, hey rate the game in case you enjoyed!


I really enjoyed this game. It was a good mix of horror and humor. Is it weird that I want to pet the giant mutant Kittty? Really great game. Keep up the good work! 

Thank you for playing!

Future updates coming the following days.


I had more fun than some games that I had to pay for

hehe glad you had fun!


Here it goes. Nice one.

Edward's Sewer Adventure list and No Time fly at the ending



It was an amazing game. Nice backstory playing as Edward. Also love the old graphics 10/10. One of the first scary games I actually like.

Thanks for the videos :)


Had a blast playing, definitely recommend downloading, you can check out my experience here:


Your game is excellent good work


Thanks gonna check out your vid. Give it a rating if you like it ^^


Excellent game, I found a few errors on my adventure but nothing huge.  Good job.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer

Thanks I will check it out!


Without a doubt a great horror game with that PSX look we like. Congratulations on your game.

Thanks gonna enjoy watching your playthrough.


WTF did I just play I did not expect so  much content, The game has a great story I actually cared about the characters. I will say Edwin is unappealing though he looks like Gene Wilder on meth. Flawless gameplay also not really scary the guys are but the another enemies nah.


cool creepy ..this part 1

I like my own games, most times... Only if they are fun.